Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I sleep with stars in my eyes,
and the silence of the hills
is a constant companion.
The river nearby sets the tone
for a conversation with myself.

 When the morning rises
and light makes visible the day;
From the edge of my world I survey
alien lands stretching to endless horizons
but my home is out of sight
the path is lost
in a never ending sea of sand.

fills the noon
within and without-
Desolation infects
the land with a morbid calm.
Dust rises,
and memories cloud my eyes.
Soundless slips the sun,
under a sea of twilight.
I walk without direction,
progress is impossible
in the dark.

anonymity fills the earth.
and my mind sinks back to chaos-
Where I find ruins,
dreams scattered and hopes dashed,
the broken remnants of a good life.

A casual moon hovers in the sky
uninterested in the fates of men
waxes and wanes in cold precision,
and offers no room for redemption.
the stars whisper among themselves-
old tales find new listeners.

From nightmares I wake often
to sleep again
I have no choice,
but to pass into oblivion.

Deserts are nice places
for conversations.

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