Wednesday, 24 April 2013


You were forged in the wombs of stars,
and your breath - the gift of heavens;
your blood is surely the sap of life,
and from your sweat springs forth the hope of eternity.
Get up and smile-
you are the result of the love of thousands.

If your eyes tell you otherwise,
do not believe what you see,
for the grandeur of a forest may begin
as a small seed - a stone,
worthless in itself.
But trust the bounty of the earth,
and the warmth of sunshine,
lose yourself and jump,
jump from the cliff of unreason,
into the waiting arms of uncertainty-
your destiny will meet you,
in the shadows of the night.

You see brilliant gleaming towers,
rising up and touching the sky -
but do not forget that the their feet
stand still in earth's deep darkness.
And remember that the roots of the tree
that reaches so high,
lie deep and wrestle with the dust-
so that its leaves may dance
as the winds dance,
and the birds in its branches may sleep -
as the stars sleep,
with the moon in sight.

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