Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Swan Song

In the last days of my life,
I want to live in perfect peace,
without regret, without guilt-
that hollows the very insides
of the soul.
I want to die knowing that
I did all I could do,
squeezed up all the juice that life could offer me;
drank all the wine that was poured in my cup;
basked in sunlight until night had come -
and that I missed no gift that life sent me.

When I die, I want to be without possessions,
naked, stark, as I had come;
May my exit be as gentle as the
fall of a drop of dew;
or like the leaf that turns yellow in autumn,
flies away with the wind and is gone.

May my life be as that of the Earth,
that I give more than I receive;
and even like clay that turns
by magic into the rose,
and the trees which break the shackles of the ground
and reach ever upwards to heaven.

When I go away,
to walk on the beaches of eternity,
and the infinite sea kissing my feet;
May I leave no marks
on the golden sands of time.

May the smiling memories
of a life worthwhile
greet me on the edge of the Other,
and when the moment of my leaving come,
may the universe rejoice with me,
smile with me when I smile,
and peace fill the hearts of all those I knew.

I do not want to go,
leaving behind crying, mourning people
faces in desolation,
with emptiness in their eyes.
I want to live in a way-
to dance, yes,
to dance and my last moment
be the pinnacle of ecstasy,
be the very crest of joy.
I want to save the best for the last
and that my death,
when it comes at its own full time,
be a last sweet song-
a last dance with life before the night is gone.

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