Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Set me free;
Make me like the unfettered wind
which goes its own way,
like sunshine which can't be trapped
by the darkest nights;
I want to be,
like the gushing rainwater stream,
and make my own path;
and like the warrior undistracted by pain,
forge my own destiny
with blood and sweat.

I do not want to
imitate others,
just to fit in crowds.
To imitate,
so that I don't look stupid;
I wish I had more courage,
to be what I am,
without apology;
Pretentionless freedom it seems,
is a great luxury.

I would like to stand out
from average mediocrity -
but loneliness is the bitter sweet reward
of independence.

Crowds distress me,
they seem like mobs -
of thinking judging human beings;

The blandness of the mainstream
disgusts me;
the unthinking dumbness of
following the mob,
nauseates me;
yet feeling left out
scares me,
loneliness threatens me
and the silence around
makes fun of me-

I must join
though with disgust and much nausea
this swelling mob of nameless people.
The comfort of company,
triumphs over the desire for
standing out.
My weakness betrays me,
and my dreams of individuality
remain only dreams.

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