Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I want to reach out to the stars,
but alas my hands can't grasp,
the distant sky -
nothing defies gravity.

I want to rush like the mountain river-
yet my heart can't trust
the waterfall -
I am afraid of heights.


You were forged in the wombs of stars,
and your breath - the gift of heavens;
your blood is surely the sap of life,
and from your sweat springs forth the hope of eternity.
Get up and smile-
you are the result of the love of thousands.

Swan Song

In the last days of my life,
I want to live in perfect peace,
without regret, without guilt-
that hollows the very insides
of the soul.
I want to die knowing that
I did all I could do,
squeezed up all the juice that life could offer me;
drank all the wine that was poured in my cup;
basked in sunlight until night had come -
and that I missed no gift that life sent me.


Set me free;
Make me like the unfettered wind
which goes its own way,
like sunshine which can't be trapped
by the darkest nights;
I want to be,
like the gushing rainwater stream,
and make my own path;
and like the warrior undistracted by pain,
forge my own destiny
with blood and sweat.