Sunday, 7 October 2012

Then And Now

I have forgotten
the color of dawn-break,
sky's blue bowl awash
with a million scintillating sunbeams;
And the red-hued Disk,
smiling with all its might;
the sight of the golden morning-light.

I miss
the feeling of the cold wind in my hair,
and the soft warmth
of the new sun,
on my shoulders;
and the scent of the earth
as reassuring as the sight of an old friend.

I look for,
the sleepy slowness of the noon;
when drenched with the monotony of the day,
the Sun - yellow with boredom;
labors absentmindedly on his path.

I cant find,
the weird frenzy of twilight-
while a multitude of shrieking restless birds,
fill the sky
in an epiphany of delight.
And Hyperion retires after the hectic day,
back to Hades' dark cave.

I crave,
the silent stoicism of the night;
The starkness
of Moon's white, wizened face;
and the darkness
of the sky,
lit inadequately by a million pinpricks of light.

Now all I see are dusty smoggy mornings,
and nights gloomy with mist and fog;
The cuckoo no longer sings nor do the crows chatter
- and it has been a while since I saw either.
The only streams I see now-
are those of traffic flowing endlessly;
And the only sounds I hear now-
the angry honking of cars;
And swarms of confused busybodies,
are the only people I know.

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