Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Night

Starry,dreamy nights.
In lovely moonlit scapes,
sweet sighs and hushed giggles,
break the silence around us.
And we walk in the dark
hand in hand,
hearts in communion,
with the scented wind on our faces,
and the sea tiding at our feet;
While stars abovewatch our solitary romance.
There is a strange magic in her eyes,
and her face shines in pearly moonlight,
her breath feels warm against mine,
and her body shudders around mine.

We say nothing,
for the quiet night
has a soft melody about it;
And since lovers have found
better uses for their lips.

As her head rests on my
shoulder,in sweet sleepiness;
I feel her
silken locks gliding lightly,
over my face.
I sense
the sweet floral musk
she wears.
And I find myself in heaven .
My soul one with her soul,
and my heart one with her heart.
In those moments of innocent love,
in cozy togetherness,
melt into all consuming love.

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