Sunday, 7 October 2012

Then And Now

I have forgotten
the color of dawn-break,
sky's blue bowl awash
with a million scintillating sunbeams;
And the red-hued Disk,
smiling with all its might;
the sight of the golden morning-light.

I miss
the feeling of the cold wind in my hair,
and the soft warmth
of the new sun,
on my shoulders;
and the scent of the earth
as reassuring as the sight of an old friend.

I look for,
the sleepy slowness of the noon;
when drenched with the monotony of the day,
the Sun - yellow with boredom;
labors absentmindedly on his path.

I cant find,
the weird frenzy of twilight-
while a multitude of shrieking restless birds,
fill the sky
in an epiphany of delight.
And Hyperion retires after the hectic day,
back to Hades' dark cave.

I crave,
the silent stoicism of the night;
The starkness
of Moon's white, wizened face;
and the darkness
of the sky,
lit inadequately by a million pinpricks of light.

Now all I see are dusty smoggy mornings,
and nights gloomy with mist and fog;
The cuckoo no longer sings nor do the crows chatter
- and it has been a while since I saw either.
The only streams I see now-
are those of traffic flowing endlessly;
And the only sounds I hear now-
the angry honking of cars;
And swarms of confused busybodies,
are the only people I know.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Night

Starry,dreamy nights.
In lovely moonlit scapes,
sweet sighs and hushed giggles,
break the silence around us.
And we walk in the dark
hand in hand,
hearts in communion,
with the scented wind on our faces,
and the sea tiding at our feet;

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Eyes of the Child

the eyes of the child
filled with wonder and joy,
 I see 
all that is good and noble in man.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


In a sky overcast with clouds
on a rainy day
I see a rainbow winking back,
The Sun is not away!

On cold autumn nights full of stars
with wind in the air,
I see promise of light in the dark,
there is no need to despair.

For summers there must winters come,
and for springs gusty storms,
In nature's eye they are one,
though have they different forms.

And youth must old age surpass,
and restless life, death.
As night cometh after each day,
and breath after breath.

For each song that is sung,
must someday end,
so that a new one may begin;
and each star that shined so bright
must someday end in din.

But nothing is ever lost, nothing appears,
its Natures ancient play.
For stars may come and stars may go,
but light is here to stay!

(My first at rhyming)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thoughts in Ink

Wrote a haiku in Japanese and my Japanese friend was kind enough to write them up and send the pictures. Remarkably beautiful.





tanko-iro no hanogotoshi

akino kaze wo koyu

Time flies,
like pale yellow leaves,
on autumn wind.