Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Moon in the Lake.

The rainbow mirage
has floated away in light.
Darkness hides from splendid sunbeams.
What is, and what is not ?
Appearances are poor mirrors of truth.

The shadow of the moon in placid water,
is nothing but a lie of great beauty;
for Men have set feet on the heavens,
but who has found-
the moon in the heart of the lake?
All the world is a stage,
Or so the old poet sang;
Forced smiles and fake tears,
answer the demands of the audience.
The cold and sharp blade of truth,
has but few takers.

This is a company of fools,
a parade of fleeting glamor.
This is the age of paper tulips,
paper words, paper hearts.
I do not see faces but only masks,
and what is worse I am one.


  1. hmm, interesting...
    for some parts I see truth in it

    greetings, omegle guy xD

  2. Pretty impressive.. The middle stanza works, in flow as well, as a ripple that shatters the illusion.. Loved the last stanza..

    Interestingly, I have a poem scheduled this week for blog, penned one of those days, called - What Is, What Isn't..


  3. @Ahimaaz I am delighted that you liked it and humbled in the way you have appreciated it.

    On the subject of your scheduled poem, may I call it resonance ? haha..

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