Monday, 16 May 2011

Let There Be Light.

Darkness descends ,
nights shy lady,
softly steals;
as the day sinks,
and warmth becomes distant.

Autumn's gloomy chill.
The birds no longer call.
The pines moan and creak;
Nature seems silent,
swept by their song.

Great winds roar and surge;
no soul stirs nor dares venture.
The hosts of stars gather in the sky,
Assembled as if on battle's cry.

In the safety of brick walls,
and the comfort of glowing hearths;
Men slip into sweet slumber
And weave dreams of days long gone,
of famed exploits and glorious victories.

  Morpheus gathers his magic inks;
Mixing bloody reds and cool greens,
silver tint and golden shade;
painting scenes of ages past,
on the fabric of tired minds.

The day is departed,
the master gone,
thieves seek to steal.


The sky is clear,
Daybreak is near,
Earth is waiting,
And then,
Dawn's sweet maiden lifts her veil.
Her radiant arms stretch out
nursing life.
Nature surrounded by a golden garb,
awakes from its nightly stupor.

Now the Sun shines forth amongst the heavens
The Lady of Night having fled ago;
The moon, deserted and betrayed,
senses it is time to go.

The hours of darkness are o'er,
the sunshine is bright in the hills!
As light dissolves the Kingdom of Night,
Darkness amongst shadow fills.

The sweet smell of the morning grass,
the entrancing aroma of the garden rose;
the delicate fragrant breeze,
and the tolling of bells in the distance;
lift the clearing clouds of sleep from my eyes.
The bright fresh morning beckons,
and I rise,
To face,
the morbid monotony of modern life.

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  1. Your poetry has a classic touch to it...perhaps it's modernly classic - both charming and endearing

  2. @Ahimaaz


    haha yea i get said that, modernly classic is a term i hear many times.your blog is awesome, i could never write prose the way you do!

  3. clubbing of thoughts with images, till you forget, which shares the most of your thoughts, amazing and breathe taking.

    Musings of a Wanderer

  4. @ wanderer.

    thanks for the comment!