Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hiding from Myself

Selected text from one of my poems.


Darkness like a dark sea,
in its unending vastness engulfs me.
Yet no cry escapes my lips.

 Silent, unuttered
my woes are my own.
Deep and unattended
they poison my soul,
my heart grows bitter,
my head, heavier,
but my pain must not show on my face.
Indeed it is mine, a cross that
I alone must bear, unaided, unseen.

My face wears a hollow look.
By the day,
I shuffle through masks,
painted in lovely shades.
But in the night,
when alone and bare,
accustomed to rosy deceptions,
I pray and wait for sensless slumber,
to avoid facing my self,
my truth,my pain.


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