Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Choice is Yours.

This is one of early poems, when I was in 10th standard, so it is a little 'juvenile' in a way.Read on!

When your dreams break,
and heart shatters like brittle glass;

When expectations crumble,
under the wieght of Circumstance;

When agony and fear,
strike at you,
like nails driven in your flesh;

 When your efforts fail,
and success eludes you as ever;

When doubts stare at you piercingly
and worries howl at you,
and you blindly grope in the darkness,
to search a door that leads to Light;

Leave not this tiny raft of hope,
Nourish and protect this little flame;
This little flame,
that glows in your in your heart,
let it not succumb to darkness.
For when thou shall nurse it, feed it,
and work towards it;
this little flame shall,
grow into a sun,
and drive your darkness away.

Cherish your hope,
for it is your friend,
in times better or worse than ever!
when your heart swells with joy,
or sinks with grief,
it shall 'company you'like a shadow forever;
and bring life into your life.
Let there be light!
(and there is light).

The choice is yours.

If you shall open your eyes and see,
you shall regale in the beauty of light.
But if you must close your eyes,
to this new sun of hope;
you shall rot in self-imposed darkness,
and blame Some One up there for-

For doings that were yours;
For the choices you made;
For fates that you built,
and chains that you forged.

The choice is yours,
and yours alone.


  1. This early poem not only displays lot of promise, it is good as well.

    To not rhyme is a wise choice to make and it's good you made it this early.

  2. thanks a heap! your encouragement is valuable.